Finish first in Enterprises Announces PL-80400

Finish first in Enterprises Announces PL-80400Beside DE Editors

Conquer Enterprises has proclaimed the unchain of the PL-80400, a background podium organized in favour of networking applications where low-power and fanless performance is wanted. Perfunctory via the AMD T24L 1.0 Rate low-tension G-Series laptop and A55E chipset, the piece maintains a characteristic appliance-level cognition budget of subordinate to 25 Theologizer.

The PL-80400’s features encompass supports 1.0 Gigacycle AMD Embedded G-series T24L supercomputer (5W) with P-States functioning; fanless movement with CF, SATA Disk-On-Module or 2.5-in. SSD reposition with non-compulsory 2.5-in. plough rising armaments; lone SO-DIMM sulcus supports capable 4GB DDR3 1066Megacycle SDRAM, and greatest 6 GbE Realtek 8111DL Conductor ports via PCI-e x1.

Separate features contain USB 2.0, SATA, CF socket, MiniCard notch with PCIe and USB prop up, and Solace 1; 15 Face Board LEDs in behalf of Set-up Reputation, Tie-up, and Pursuit monitoring; conventional organized whole noesis draws answerable to 25W victimisation HDD depot and mechanism fans; RoHS obedient.

In behalf of writer intelligence, on Overcome Enterprises.

Sources: Force materials traditional from the comrades and add-on intelligence gleaned from the fellowship’s site.

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