GOM Releases ATOS Safety Look over 12M

GOM Releases ATOS Safety Look over 12M

GOM’s ATOS Bingle Pore over run has dead outspread with the ATOS Triplet Pore over 12M. With cardinal 12-megapixel resoluteness cameras, Triad Thumb and Sad Moonlight Knowledge, the detector provides excessive steadfastness and extreme facts je sais quoi, according to the companions.

The high-end industrialised 3D digitiser is minute present in tierce models; ATOS II Safety Pore over, ATOS Troika Bingle Study, and the Triplet Flip 12M, which provides a resolve of 12 jillion pixels.

The novel detector offers a steep element purposefulness on urgent applications much as byzantine, exhaustive shot kind or shy parts, or on cutting edge applications where superior outstanding and rambling edges frolic an significant place.

It uses GOM’s photograph camera subject, and the figure cameras apiece seizure 12 jillion reckoning points in every so often look over.

In counting up to GOM’s stereophony camera procedure, the detector furthermore uses the moral and formerly larboard cameras independently in coalition with the projector. That method results in trinity singular sensors, apiece with discrete screening perspectives of the item.

In the service of added report, come to see GOM.

Sources: Push materials conventional from the presence and added tidings gleaned from the friends’s site.

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