Hexagon AB Acquires Q-DAS

Hexagon AB Acquires Q-DAS

Hexagon AB, a contributor of intelligence technologies, has acquired Q-DAS. The assemblage is a developer of Statistical Proceeding Dominate solutions in support of industrialized mechanized.

That property, according to the society, allows spread in the areas of residential package. Hexagon desire at present be capable to outfit added error-free discovery and assessment platforms, it states.

“Adding Q-DAS to the Hexagon kith and kin has multifarious advantages,” alleged Hexagon Head and CEO Ola Rollen. “Not sole does it equip the time to enlarge the measure of our MMS discovery but besides adds enlargement opportunities on the side of our trade, sanctioning enlarged customer base insight of Q-DAS solutions be means of our far-reaching propinquity and person textile.”

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