Hexagon Metrology Launches PC-DMIS 2013

Hexagon Metrology Launches PC-DMIS 2013

Hexagon Metrology proclaimed the on of PC-DMIS 2013, the current model of its metrology code. PC-DMIS focuses on the collecting, estimate, directing and presenting of residential figures to lessen shard, rehabilitate throughput, cut back costs, and raise slim developed operation, the presence says.

Mid the enhancements, PC-DMIS 2013 includes a unique Calibre Expression character, which facilitates the expression of calibre features from deuce opposite sides of a cleft, flag, or additional alike resemble fa‡ade. Deuce dimensional breadth features crapper be less important and 3rd datums, whilst a 3D calibre dismiss be utilized as the chief information.

Additional enhancements comprise a brand-new ClearanceCube demarcation that allows collision-free transfer about knotty geometries with no a Package maquette. The alcohol just sets figure points at antagonistic corners of the ascertainment scrap or keeping occurrence and PC-DMIS 2013 mechanically constitutes the ClearanceCube delimitation. The very tools hawthorn be old to harmonize offsets and hook and eye work-planes or features on and away. Smash-up Catching Footpath lines at this very moment flicker when elite to confirm present are no fail to spot search into collisions.

PC-DMIS 2013 besides includes novel Solidworks, JT and CATIA v6 Regulate Blackguard Translators, and updated brace in behalf of CATIA v5, Favoring/E, and Unigraphics. It along with includes updated Govern Hound Port stand by representing CATIA v5, All for/E and Unigraphics.

In favour of solon advice, upon Hexagon Metrology.

Sources: Push materials conventional from the associates and increased intelligence gleaned from the fellowship’s site.

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