Hexagon Ships Leica Consummate Tracker representing 3D

Hexagon Ships Leica Consummate Tracker representing 3D

Hexagon Metrology proclaimed the liberate of the Leica Consummate Tracker AT402, its next-generation laser tracker supported on the Leica AT401 line. The ultra-portable section stool be make use of as a service to intimately guided 3D estimation processes, too as time-honoured scan tasks.

According to the friends, it is pattern in support of chunky capacity, rigour ascertainment applications performed through industries specified aerospace, state propagation, compact accoutrements and separate manufacturers that bring out broad components and assemblies. It includes a simplified interface with figure pre-defined evaluation profiles that mediate the contraption settings to some determination state with the clack of a add. In joining to its benchmark way curved in support of routine action, final users commode without a hitch alteration settings in favour of 1 gaging jobs and in behalf of applications requiring out of the ordinary rapidity or precision. The laser tracker’s all-in-one think of integrates else useableness features, specified as IR remote, environmental monitoring, and even to importance.

The appraisal set and its example think about a reduced amount of than 33 lbs. and is IP54 rated in the service of entering shield against trash and fluids regularly set up in progressive environments. It stool mass a bursting 360 standing view and a 290 status upright attic.

Representing extra advice, drop in on Hexagon Metrology.

Sources: Thrust materials normal from the comrades and appended report gleaned from the companions’s site.

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