Honeywell Launches Water-Tight Tiny Switches

Honeywell Launches Water-Tight Tiny SwitchesBy way of DE Editors

The Honeywell MICRO Change Key Lash diagonal instant includes the V15W Broadcast of Solid Little Switches. With an IP67 tight shut and a paygrade operational 10 amps, the V15W stool be reach-me-down in a inclusive limit of high-current consumer and progressive applications where release or still water could be a component. Likely applications embrace off-road vehicles, business and rural machinery, manual kit, and medicinal materiel specified as nursing home beds, alveolar chairs and meter pedals.

The switches are altogether configurable and subsume a encyclopedic medley of actuators, terminals, and electric and engaged characteristics. The switches are handy in trinity options on the side of shield: conserved hypodermic, dust-tight (with epoxy surface on terminals) and pre-leaded. They furthermore characteristic Unattached Stick Bent over Cast (SPDT) circuitry.

Representing added report, upon Honeywell Cosmopolitan.

Sources: Bear on materials normal from the attendance and further advice gleaned from the presence’s site.

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