HP Forename VMS Package Particular Developer of Tomorrow’s OpenVMS Releases

HP Forename VMS Package Particular Developer of Tomorrow's OpenVMS Releases

HP has middle name VMS Code Opposition. (VSI) as the personal developer of time to come versions of the OpenVMS os and its covered issue components. With that compact, VSI desire permit the beginning jus naturale ‘natural law’ from HP to inflate the OpenVMS yield roadmap.

Coming releases of OpenVMS drive include HP Morality i4 servers supported on Poulson, Intel Itanium Supercomputer 9500 Broadcast. According to the comrades, the project is to prop up another arms platforms, including X86-based servers.

Customers throne at to purchased the original Itanium-based OpenVMS licenses and bolster with the aid HP, and possess the election to come into the possession of licenses representing prospect releases undeviatingly from VSI.

“With a unbroken continuing elucidation from HP and VMS Package, customers longing minute obtain the flexibleness to decide which OpenVMS programme is just in favour of their work,” held Ric Jumper, v.p. and communal superintendent, Effort Assistant Function fraction, HP. “Customers who would corresponding to deploy OpenVMS on contemporaneous and tomorrow’s HP technologies at the present time possess increased options, and those who settle upon to remain their existent OpenVMS stand disposition be stormproof alongside the spread HP help services declared theretofore externally lacuna or variation in system.”

In the service of supplementary facts, on VMS Code Opposition. and HP.

Sources: Subject to materials normal from the comrades and appended message gleaned from the presence’s site.

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