Kontron Introduces AM4140 Pc Part

Kontron Introduces AM4140 Pc PartNext to DE Editors

Kontron has introduced its AdvancedMC c.p.u. component, AM4140. Outfitted with a Freescale QorIQ P4040/80 C.p.u. with equipped 8 cores at 1.5Rate, and high-velocity fabrics, the original Kontron AM4140 offers landscaped about on correspondent, multi-threaded applications on MicroTCA-integrated platforms.

The part incorporates the Freescale QorIQ P4040/80 4/8-core supercomputer with cores supported on the e500 Quality Design. With high-velocity framework handlers and bigeminal high-velocity connections akin to Consecutive Fast IO, 10 Gb Ethernet and PCI Voice, it meets the demands of multi-threaded processing. The Kontron AM4140 provides pliant contour of high-velocity fabrics. On AMC ports 4-7, 4x SERDES lines pot be organized either as PCI Put into words (seat intricate or resultant) or Periodical Prompt IO ports (hotelman or spokesperson). AMC ports 8-11 hawthorn be organized either on the side of Nonparallel Swift IO, PCI Voice, 10Spear Ethernet or 4x Gig Ethernet. In putting together, the power supports ternion Gig Ethernet channels which potty be organized to AMC embrasure 0 and 2x GbE at the forefront, or 2x GbE on AMC ports 0,1 and 1x GbE at the head. Kontron too offers a preference of AMC systems in behalf of the Kontron AM4140.

The AM4140 liking be at in Nov. It supports VxWorks 6.9, WindRiver Unix, likewise as WindRiver Hypervisor.

Representing writer message, call in Kontron.

Sources: Jam materials time-honored from the companions and appended facts gleaned from the fellowship’s site.

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