Lenovo Expands AIO Portfolio

Lenovo Expands AIO Portfolio

Lenovo proclaimed the most up-to-date combining to its all-in-one (AIO) portfolio, the ThinkCentre Margin 62z. With an 18.5-inch LCD room divider, the assemblage says the element is acme on workspaces with a stipulation in the service of doubled PCs but where margin is at a extra, including nursing location and grammar pc labs.

The 18.5-inch wall of the ThinkCentre Side 62z provides in excess of 65 percentage spaciousness stash when compared to a 20-inch custodian, which allows organizations to area much AIOs in apiece workspace. It commode additionally be mounted to the screen. It is visored with equal to tierce times Intel Essence i3 processors, and is Force Nova 5 yielding.

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Sources: Upon materials expected from the attendance and fresh facts gleaned from the fellowship’s site.

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