LSI to Proffer Demonstrations at SC11 Supercomputing Talk

LSI to Proffer Demonstrations at SC11 Supercomputing TalkBy means of DE Editors

LSI Firm has is demonstrating its last entrepot element and code technologies in the service of relevancy speedup that workweek at the SC11 supercomputing symposium in the President State of affairs Assembly Area.

The application demonstrations purposefulness item how solid-state warehousing application potty support transactional I/O execution in support of high-performance engineering environments. The demonstrations earmark LSI MegaRAID CacheCade All for 2.0 skim/scribble caching code representing solid saucer drive-based arrays via solid-state drives (SSDs), and LSI MegaRAID Hasty Footway code on I/O speeding of SSD arrays.

The demonstrations case how solidness repositing application commode be euphemistic pre-owned to further relevance bringing off and organized in a extreme handiness group victimization SIOS’s SteelEye Shelter Cortege and DataOn’s enterprise-class enclosures. LSI hardware technologies purposefulness likewise be on expose in LSI confederate booths, including Amax It, Genstor and iXsystems .

On added facts, pop in LSI.

Sources: Bear on materials normal from the comrades and added knowledge gleaned from the attendance’s site.

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