Meggitt Introduces Endevco High-g Jolt Accelerometers

Meggitt Introduces Endevco High-g Jolt AccelerometersVia DE Editors

Meggitt Intellect Systems instant offers the Endevco image 7280 periodical, a household of thinly damped individual axle high-g piezoresistive jar accelerometers fashioned to uphold pyroshock, weapons trying, high-shock information recorders, missiles, guns and separate tough requirements. The sensors tender survivability to fourfold over-range, slightest relocate later stun, higher resistivity and discount knowledge tuberculosis than present models.

Offered in deuce ranges of 20,000 g and 60,000 g, the units combine Meggitt s different gently damped MEMS sensor, intentional championing mark down knowledge tuberculosis. Stimulation power container be customer-specified, with 10V offered as measure. The programme scale model 7280A incorporates the common sense segment in an industry-standard spiral climb box, whilst the maquette 7280AM4 is offered in an industry-standard extend move packet. Occupying the identical evidence as the Endevco 7270A succession, the 7280A is organized to minister to as a drop-in compeer in support of applications in which a gift transmitter could be engaged, but where out of the ordinary survivability haw be prioritized upwards higher bandwidth, besides as where the put into practice of a mast with gaslight damping may possibly put on the market settled test advantages.

As a service to added word, on Meggitt Perception Systems.

Sources: Thrust materials normal from the presence and extra intelligence gleaned from the fellowship’s site.

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