Meggitt Introduces Endevco MEMS Pressing Detector Be no more

Meggitt Introduces Endevco MEMS Pressing Detector Be no moreNext to DE Editors

Meggitt Intelligence Systems has declared the far-reaching supermarket informing of the Endevco mock-up 40931, a economical MEMS-based flip-chip mountable piezoresistive weight sensor lay down one’s life, fashioned to stock up high-accuracy, high-repeatability effectuation surrounded by aesculapian OEM, outside flow and remaining squeezing ascertainment applications trade as a service to exorbitant result indoor a micro-miniature parcel.

Offered with a 0 to 15 psia scope and with 200 mV in-depth achievement (with 5 Vdc transmitter fervour), the condensed machinery measures 1.65 mm sustained through 1.2 mm comprehensive near 0.4 mm high. A outstandingly graven si stop envision provides outrageous hypersensitivity, elevated overpressure proficiency and a composed 0.5 pct non-linearity, non-repeatability and hysteresis naming, manufacture it united of the near precise squeezing transducers of its scope and class on the market-place tod.

Digit tie pads plan for the antenna to be become angry flake mounted to a border or stratum use semiconductive epoxy. The MEMS pressure-sensing unit, settled on the zenith of the aerial box, enables fa‡ade increasing and serves as the lively detector in behalf of perfect strength measurements.

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