Meggitt Perception Systems Introduces High-Temperature Accelerometers

Meggitt Perception Systems Introduces High-Temperature AccelerometersBeside DE Editors

Meggitt Perception Systems has introduced the Endevco replica 6240M10, a hermetically stamped high-temperature piezoelectric impediment achievement accelerometer with non-stop manipulation to +649 degrees C (+1200 degrees F), and discontinuous manipulation to +760 degrees C (+1400 F). The high-reliability of that detector confidential specified unusual high-temperature environments assembles it capable in the service of bomb and clay treadle turbine mechanism ambience monitoring, also as expend and press systems and high-temperature machinery and tackle.

Offered with a excessive sensitiveness of 5 pC/g in behalf of subordinate wave dissection, the accelerometer offers peerless discharge sturdiness atop of temperature and a extensive operating bandwidth. Its condensed range allows it to be installed inside space-constrained environments. Units are turf solitary and trait a responsive alignment in-line with its supplied growing catch, with discretional angled style. Piezoelectric detection elements and 1 protection are and single from the state. Electric linking is achieved via elemental tough triaxial cablegram, terminating in a 10-32 box.

As a self-generating instrument, the accelerometer require no extraneous nation well-spring on working.

In support of many report, by Meggitt Perception Systems.

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