Meggitt Sagacity Systems Announces Endevco High-g Triaxial Piezoresistive Startle Accelerometers

Meggitt Sagacity Systems Announces Endevco High-g Triaxial Piezoresistive Startle AccelerometersPast DE Editors

Meggitt Logic Systems has introduced the Endevco representation 7274 chain, a kinsmen of undamped, high-g triaxial piezoresistive paralyse accelerometers, premeditated championing high-acceleration shake up measurements opposite threesome commonly upright axes. The Endevco image 7274 programme is the triaxial kind of the comrades’s single-axis 7270A run, share-out the constant print, pin model and perception set.

Readily obtainable in foursome ranges of 2000 g; 6000 g; 20,000 g; and 60,000 g, the plan of the dummy 7274 broadcast incorporates ternion sensors mounted in a triaxial alignment inner recesses a unmarried houses. Selectable ranges per axle are accessible through especial seek. Championing apiece alignment, the micro-electro-mechanical systems feeler is sculpted from a unattached sherd of semiconductor, which includes the inertial bundle and surpass gages unreal in a four-active-arm Artificer bridge conformation.

With a cardinal reply extending penniless to dc (even circumstances), the 7274 periodical crapper additionally be second-hand in support of quantify long-duration brief shocks even as integration speed statistics in support of tempo and supplanting. In totalling, sensors hallmark an eight-conductor mooring that is distinctly intentional to again combat high-g daze hurrying inputs.

On the side of additional intelligence, drop in on Meggitt Detection Systems.

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