Meggitt Sense Systems Introduces Latest Endevco Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Meggitt Sense Systems Introduces Latest Endevco Piezoelectric AccelerometerClose to DE Editors

Meggitt Detection Systems has introduced the Endevco miniature 2226C, a closely-knit tenacious mounted piezoelectric accelerometer, fashioned in the service of the prevailing intent ambience examination of junior structures and objects. With a touchiness of 2.8 pC/g, the Endevco likeness 2226C features a head mounted 10-32 tin in the service of simple placement indoor blank unnatural environments. Its lamplight millstone (2.8 gm) efficaciously minimizes lot lading.

Units are fashioned to direct upon a temperature span of -55 C to +177 C (-67 F to +350 F). As a self-generating apparatus, the image 2226C misss no exterior knowledge outset championing functioning. Though signalise turn back is abutting to the situation, a owner can exclude bespeak soil from the getting bigger integument near start the section with non-conductive tenacious. In support of writer data, stop in Meggitt Perception Systems.

Sources: Weigh on materials usual from the companionship and add-on facts gleaned from the friends’s site.

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