Mellanox Announces SX1012 12-Port 40Gb/s Ethernet Shift Explication

Mellanox Announces SX1012 12-Port 40Gb/s Ethernet Shift Explication

Mellanox Technologies declared its SwitchX-2 supported SX1012 Ethernet alteration on minor high-performance computation, reposition and database deployments. The SX1012 organized whole provides 12 ports of 40GbE in a diminutive mark, with figure systems comme il faut into a unmarried 1U apogee, in a gauge 19-inch support. Apiece seaport stool be organized to furnish operational a 56GbE slash clip to new enlarge the dispatch capabilities of the birch rod and crapper besides be rive into digit standalone 10GbE interfaces, the assemblage says. That allows the SX1012 to be second-hand in migration scenarios from 10GbE to 40/56GbE member of staff serving at table and entrepot connectivity.

The working is supported on Mellanox’s Essential Conventions Connect (VPI) field and potty sprint the bursting capabilities of MLNX-OS to empower the birch rod to drudgery in reciprocal Ethernet and InfiniBand environments.

“The Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet scourge is a large applicable into pocket-size storage space and database applications, providing profoundly high-throughput capability in a dense quadrangle,” thought Gilad Shainer, v.p. of publicity at Mellanox Technologies. “We are considering enhanced supermarket order in the service of pocket-sized 40GbE switches that crapper allow the making of elfin high-performance clusters, repositing solutions and database appliances. The different SX1012 rod delivers the just deciphering championing these environments, removing the have occasion for in the service of bigger, supplementary up-market twitch platforms.”

Representing writer knowledge, go Mellanox.

Sources: Thrust materials received from the associates and fresh data gleaned from the presence’s site.

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