Molex Introduces Unique CMC Measure Lintel and Solder-Mount Headers

Molex Introduces Unique CMC Measure Lintel and Solder-Mount HeadersAlongside DE Editors

The Molex CMC line right now includes a 154-circuit brick in compliant-pin elevation, and 32- and 112-circuit solder-mount headers. Fashioned to carry out in high-conductivity applications and raucous environments, CMC is an business guide port employed in moving and installation powertrain applications, including ECUs (contraption rule units), robot gearboxes, ejection controllers and charged parking brake.

The different 154-circuit, three-pocket, right-angle line with compliant-pin terminals improves amount produced and reduces flock costs close to sanctionative a solder-free course of action, as conflicting to established press-fit category increasing processes. The 154-circuit cope features 120 x 0.635mm (.025 ) signalize pins, 24 x 1.50mm (.059 ) terminals and 10 x 2.80mm (.110 ) nation pins, supportive elevated currents in applications specified as great ECUs. The154-circuit bond organized whole performs prepared 50 union cycles as a service to mate and unmating of aggregate ECUs on discrete applications.

The original 32-circuit, single-pocket, right-angle lintel, solder-mount terminals are organized in favour of less important powertrain applications, in summing-up to hydraulic and electronic eviction controllers. The 112-circuit, three-pocket, right-angle head, which as well as features solder-mount terminals, is premeditated on the side of some ECU germaneness requiring a higher few of circuits. Both the 32- and 112-circuit headers are constructed of hydrolytically strong, outrageous inflammability UL 94V-0 shapeable components, befitting in favour of epoxy stickiness.

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Sources: Push materials acknowledged from the comrades and added report gleaned from the associates’s site.

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