NextComputing Sabre Waiter Supports NVIDIA Discoverer GPUs

NextComputing Sabre Waiter Supports NVIDIA Discoverer GPUsPast DE Editors

NextComputing at present supports the NVIDIA Discoverer C-class GPU technology processors in its NextStream impenetrable torrent sabre attendant, including the lately proclaimed Artificer C2075.

The two-rack-units-high NextStream is optimized as a service to high-performance engineering tasks that call for a alloy of customary multi-core Processor processing with GPU co-processing in a impenetrable form-factor. The wine waiter furthermore includes mainstreamed Ethernet exchange and a consecrated manipulation PC faculty representing in-chassis govern direction of knife nodes. The figure stool residence able to ternary untrammelled dual-processor blades, apiece with two-fold Intel Xeon 5500 program processors and 96GB reminiscence, in behalf of a sum total of 36 processing cores and 288GB of tribute per figure. Apiece cutting edge has its be in possession of PCI Verbalize 2.0 x8 slot and intimate Gig networking betwixt blades.

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