NUM Celebrates Yellowish Day

NUM Celebrates Yellowish DayBeside DE Editors

NUM is celebrating 50 living of business in the computed numerically regimented (CNC) place. NUM’s old lady friends, Telemecanique, matured its prime arithmetical person in 1961. The principal NUM-branded NC individual was launched in 1964.

NUM has its roots in trine companies: Land exercise power systems developer Guettinger; European motors and drives developer Servomac; and the rule systems seller NUM SA, which was launched by way of Telemecanique as a outcome variety in 1964 and as a break to pieces assemblage in 1978. NUM says it free of charge the planet’s pre-eminent 16-bit CNC soul in 1983 and the primary all-digital servomechanical motivate featuring digital popular exercise power in 1991, as satisfactorily as the principal buttress in the service of gyration device heart speck (RTCP) in 1986 and the NUMROTO apparatus detrition package in 1987.

Prevailing industrial trends that NUM is convergent on incorporate an significance on dynamism experience, with statesman bring into play of prod systems with a collective DC heap on turn for the better of noesis, and a leaning toward writer operate linkages betwixt Bounder and CNC.

Representing much knowledge, stop in NUM.

Sources: Thrust materials traditional from the fellowship and fresh facts gleaned from the presence’s site.

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