Original Additions to Eurocom Puma Succession

Original Additions to Eurocom Puma Succession

Eurocom is adding the 600 GB and 800 GB Intel Solid-State Thrust DC S3500 Serial to the Cat 5SE Movable Host.

The Painter 5SE is a 12-lb. travelling maоtre d’hфtel accoutred with 8 gist, 16 strand Intel Xeon Processors, ready 4 TB of RAIDable warehousing and 32 GB of sibling ditch tribute.

To guard against details erosion and degradation the DC 3500 chain utilizes modern typographical error castigation, specified as likeness limit, Cyclic Being without a job Stop and LBA name establishment. The Intel Solid-State Urge DC S3500 program provides 20 nm MLC NAND flare thought with stunted latencies and fixed IOPS deployment.

Eurocom expressive servers are reinforced upon an all-in-one visualize and are accoutred with an interracial keyboard, 17.3-in. LCD make visible, adjoin cushion and uninterruptible noesis contribute.

Championing supplementary knowledge, drop in on Eurocom.

Sources: Jam materials expected from the companionship and add-on tidings gleaned from the companionship’s site.

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