OWC Announces 60GB SSD

OWC Announces 60GB SSDBy way of DE Editors

Another Earth Computation (OWC) has proclaimed the summation of a 60GB ability replica to its OWC Hydrargyrum Electra 6G Solidness Thrust diagonal. The creative SandForce Impelled 6Gb/s 60GB volume OWC Quicksilver Electra 6G SSD utilizes the Stratum 1/Station A NAND, to distribute 556MB/s understand and 523MB/s make out continued text relationships.

OWC Metal 6G SSDs appear digit models: the Quicksilver Electra 6G and Hydrargyrum Exceptional For 6G. The Hydrargyrum Electra 6G SSD offers on top of 500MB/s continuous materials velocity discharge of a 6G SSD. In counting up to solitary press operation, it stool be unified into a Sortie 1 or Extent form.

The Metal Exceptional Expert 6G SSD, offers consumers and A/V, cinematography, and detailed preparation professionals in excess of 500MB/s unremitting materials amounts and ready 479MB/s incompressible statistics amounts. In uniting to one prod put into practice, it crapper be united into a Invasion 0, 1, 10 or Flyover design.

According to the friends, the OWC Hydrargyrum 6G SSD pen-mark is adept to take round in conductor saturating velocity when installed in either a Mac or PC with the SATA Revamping 2.0 (3Gb/s) information jitney or the newest SATA Reappraisal 3.0 (6Gb/s). OWC measure difficult confirms OWC Hg 6G SSDs delivers interminable statistics comparisons upon 275MB/s in the “3G’s” 300MB/s max hurry motorcoach. Charming head start of “6G’s” program’s highest bandwidth of 600MB/s, Quicksilver 6G SSDs outfit operational 559MB/s steady deciphers and 527MB/s writes.

On the side of writer advice, call in Additional Planet Engineering.

Sources: Push materials traditional from the society and extra tidings gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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