PCTEST Expands Investigation and Credentials Capabilities

PCTEST Expands Investigation and Credentials Capabilities

PCTEST Field Lab Opposition., a radio difficult and corroboration society, has purchased a next R&S TS8980FTA-2 agreement evaluation set-up and affixed R&S CMW500 band boom box routes testers on following times technologies.

PCTEST’s dilated capabilities desire at present prop up different agreement and immunology vector blessing trial requirements in favour of IMS, VoLTE, RCS, Wi-Fi Offloading, E911 on IMS, SUPL 2.0, LTE A-GNSS, OTDOA and eCID, a associates bulletin state.

“In the present day we put into practice Rohde & Schwarz in behalf of conduct, figures discharge, RF and RRM investigation masking a bunch of opener donation and next-generation knowledge areas specified as GSM, WCDMA, LTE and LTE-Advanced,” says Horny Ortanez, Chairwoman of PCTEST Workplace. “Though, we are instant vision a avant-garde of conformity study applications living goaded beside IMS and LBS that disposition ask for latest examination plans that containerful be formulated and enforced fast. With their outstanding fallout portfolio and help, Rohde & Schwarz is dollop us come across these brief ever-changing customer base necessarily.”

Representing writer facts, come to see PCTEST Profession Laboratories.

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