Penguin Computation Announces Ship Corrupt CS Entrepot Podium

Penguin Computation Announces Ship Corrupt CS Entrepot PodiumVia DE Editors

Penguin Technology declared the handiness of the Iceboat CS memory stage on brawny scale-out taint memory deployments. The Ship CS is a absolutely nonsegregated and pre-configured gadget that incorporates Scality’s Eyelet Essential Memory package. It purpose be readily obtainable in a beeline from Penguin too as by virtue of Scality.

The Ship CS is supported on Penguin Engineering’s Iceboat 4860 repositing assistant. The group offers an to the nth degree elevated depot bulk of 240TB of unfinished matter in a 4U order circumstance. It is mechanical next to an Intel Xeon E5-2600 central processing unit and organized with 128GB of Stuff. The set-up is offered with cardinal conformation options featuring SATA solidified drives on the side of dimensions focussed deployments and a alloy of SSDs and SATA drives in behalf of deployments that coerce utmost dispatch.

Representing solon report, come to see Penguin Calculation and Scality.

Sources: Upon materials normal from the companionship and fresh message gleaned from the presence’s site.

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