Penguin Computation Announces Unbolted Work out Project-Driven Collection

Penguin Computation Announces Unbolted Work out Project-Driven Collection

Penguin Technology, a dealer of high-performance personal computer (HPC), has launched an unclosed figure knot ecosystem at the Agape Determine Undertaking Top. With that subject, Penguin is creating a collaborative incident working model in behalf of enhanced bendability with conformation factors, processors and configurations.

The Penguin Tundra collection tenets, according to the friends, delivers the maximal tightness and smallest total number rate of run representing HPC specialized clusters. It includes an Intel Xeon Phi pc representing optimized bringing off in favour of matching applications.

The Unbolted 1 Project-based envisage venture allows third-party motherboards to fit a Tundra ride, facultative clients to have recourse to triad nodes in 1U formation element via a 21 in. inclusive host.

“Running tight with Penguin Computation, we’re on cloud nine to reveal the pre-eminent Intel Xeon Phi processor-based motherboard in an HPC party line supported on a guide unbolted ascertain project rack devise,” understood Novelist Saleh, president of Hype and Assiduity Evolution, Specialized Calculation Association at Intel. “Penguin Computation’s unfastened 1 project design provides a compelling effectuation in behalf of the Intel Xeon Phi processor-based motherboard.”

As a service to many message, drop in on Penguin Engineering.

Sources: Force materials usual from the society and affixed data gleaned from the presence’s site.

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