Penguin Launches Arctica Underline of Ethernet Switches

Penguin Launches Arctica Underline of Ethernet Switches

Penguin Engineering proclaimed its novel Arctica diagonal of Ethernet web switches, a branded following of assiduity pattern Ethernet switches that are offered with dual networking package options and effort stand by.

The Arctica diagonal initially comprises the 48-port Gig Ethernet Birch rod Arctica 4804i and the 48-port 10 Spear Ethernet rod Arctica 4804x. A 32-port 40 Spear Ethernet change is slated in support of Q4 2013. Supported on trade gauge Broadcom element, the switches are to hand with doubled cloth package options.

The unusual meshwork twitch submission is delivered as a entire turn-key explication and includes registered cables and transceivers; Penguin provides international, scheme flush 24x7brace disguise munitions and package.

“The family move from costly, single-vendor offerings to agape systems and code outlined architectures is second transpiring in behalf of networking infrastructures,” assumed River Wuischpard, CEO of Penguin Calculation. “When that make do occurred in the head waiter business nearby 15 geezerhood past, we were at the head and we maintain antediluvian successfully delivering united, unclosed solutions by any chance since. We are upset to at the present time be single of the principal providers of unbolted, adjacent siring networking solutions that bid drastically diminish TCO and author voice representing our customers.”

The Arctica switches are and offered with Heap Unix pre-installed. Cumulation Unix is a entire Unix circulation in favour of meshing switches. Consumers crapper leveraging indwelling Unix applications and tools on managing whip configurations too as mechanisation and monitoring tasks. Existent and usage Unix applications race natively on the exchange.

In support of much message, by Penguin Technology.

Sources: Thrust materials traditional from the comrades and appended news gleaned from the society’s site.

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