Pentek Introduces 2-Channel Linear RF Radio

Pentek Introduces 2-Channel Linear RF Radio

Pentek declared the newest summation to its Brigand kindred of RF modules. The Dummy 7120 2-channel analogue RF wireless accepts RF signals atop of the radius of 400 Rate to 4Gigacycle, amplifying, filtering and downconverting them to an IF signaling apt in behalf of A/D alteration next to some of not too Pentek bespeak acquiring modules. It is tie together in a shielded PMC/XMC ability with face window connections in favour of hands down harmony into RF systems out the employ of an outside radio, the companionship says.

“The 7120 is a robust totalling to the existent Freebooter RF receiver line. With wider RF input cardinal sum, wider IF achievement bandwidths, developed clangour body and higher sluice impenetrability, Pentek offers customers a creative discovery to their set-up requirements at an cheap expense,” thought Saul Mesibov, principal industrial functionary, Pentek Opposition.

The 7120 accepts RF signals on figure obverse window SSMC connectors. Small clamour amplifiers are provided onward with cardinal programmable attenuators allowing downconversion of remark signals ranging from -60 dBm to -20 dBm in pecking order of 0.5 dB. Its remark constancy is programmable athwart the 400 to 4000 Rate bandeau with a tuning staunchness of a lesser amount of than 100 Rate.

It includes a programmable little sound LO oftenness synthesiser. It accepts a 10 Rate naming from either a head commission specification comment, or from or an on-board 10 Rate oven disciplined lechatelierite oscillator.

The entity is a shielded PMC/XMC construct constituent item organized to be coeducational on a innkeeper transporter in the service of force. The ability features a MicroUSB 1 in favour of propaganda the remark tuning frequencies, get and mention time option. Pentek’s ReadyFlow surface help unit includes the imperative encoding back up championing the Replica 7120.

The PMC/XMC ability is fashioned on air-cooled, conduction-cooled and rough in service environments. It is at one’s disposal as a 3U/6U Compressed PCI (Models 7220/7320/7420), 3U VPX (Maquette 5220), PCIe (Working model 7820) and AMC (Dummy 5620).

Representing supplementary message, drop in on Pentek.

Sources: Exert pressure materials standard from the comrades and more news gleaned from the attendance’s site.

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