Radiall and Molex Extend SMP-MAX RF Homocentric Join Solutions

Radiall and Molex Extend SMP-MAX RF Homocentric Join SolutionsBy means of DE Editors

Molex and Radiall own distended their SMP-MAX chain with fresh well-ordered adapters and RF concentrical complect solutions in support of board-to-board, module-to-module and panel-to-panel telecommunication applications. As a subordinate beginning, Molex is conspiring, manufacture and media hype these connectors in behalf of worldwide customers. The unusual SMP-MAX symmetric adapters get rid of the hazard of circle errors amid residential. Molex has over 80 exact SMP-MAX connexion designs that keep bygone matured championing 1 medium customers. The connectors are presently life deployed in various tuner telecommunication projects in Northmost U.s., Aggregation and Collection as a cost-efficient elucidation alterable to nearly whatsoever form. The SMP-MAX commode finger a greatest board-to-board gap indulgence of set leastwise 2.00 mm (0.078 progress) breach with no a arise ” lots greater than the yardstick SMP. It further features a three-degree incline (symmetric travelling), it has an engaged frequence distance of DC-6 Rate, a 1.2 max VSWR capable 3 Gigacycle, and it stool haft equal to 300 Poet of powerfulness at 2.7 Gigacycle.

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