Rigol DS4000 Oscilloscopes Just now Ready

Rigol DS4000 Oscilloscopes Just now ReadyPast DE Editors

Rigol Technologies just now offers the DS4000 chain digital cro. At one’s disposal in octad unlike models, the DS4000 programme features bandwidths amid 100Megacycle and 500Megacycle, example percentages up to 4GSa/s, and 2 or 4 linear channels.

The schoolteacher pot assist on group glitches with 140 billion points of honour obscurity and 110,000 waveforms per alternative acquiring measure. In adding up, DS4000 run dismiss look and journey in the interior prepared 200,000 triggered waveforms with cover-up tests.

The oscilloscopes attribute Rigol’s UltraVision profession and a 9-inch WVGA manifest to put up an power construction show and real-time undulation demo and undulation apparition and play again, with customizable real-time machinery filters ready.

Representing solon knowledge, call in Rigol Technologies.

Sources: Push materials normal from the society and appended tidings gleaned from the presence’s site.

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