Rigol Extends Portfolio With Original Wave Maker

Rigol Extends Portfolio With Original Wave MakerNext to DE Editors

Rigol Technologies has unconstrained its novel DG1000Z run wave generators. Power-driven next to Rigol’s SiFi subject, the fellowship says the DG1000Z is acme championing low-frequency investigating applications requiring steep sign allegiance, insufficient clangour parquet and big chance undulation dimension.

The stereophonic DG1000Z serial features retention measure of 8Mpts (16 Mpts spontaneous) to assist deeper, much twisted capricious waveforms and includes set 160 inbuilt waveforms championing swift gain to extra predefined signals. These generators cater +/-1ppm periodicity dependability and -125dBc/Hz period clamour in behalf of outrageous signalise faithfulness and stunted crash, anticipated intercommunicate times.

The sequence delivers capable a 200 MSa/s cross-section tariff and 14 bits straight decision, allowing patrons to carry out magnificent resoluteness and indicate technicality though emulating wee energy changes on a stocky harvest sweep. Handy in figure models, DG1032Z (30Megacycle) and DG1062Z (60Megacycle), the generators put up for sale a sweep of modulations including AM, FM, PM, Enquire of, FSK, PSK and PWM.

As a service to supplementary word, by Rigol Technologies.

Sources: Weigh on materials normal from the assemblage and more advice gleaned from the attendance’s site.

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