Rigol Offers DS2000 Digital Scope

Rigol Offers DS2000 Digital ScopeBy means of DE Editors

Rigol Technologies has introduced its unique DS2000 program digital cro. With bandwidths operational 200 Rate and a encyclopaedic erect span of 500uV/div to 10V/div, the DS2000 provides a short thunder parquet, which the fellowship says is paragon representing capturing less significant signals.

The devices comprise figure channels, bandwidth options of 70 MH z, 100 Rate or 200 Rate, 2GSa/s greatest cross-section velocity and gauge reminiscence abstruseness of up to 14 Mpts. With Rigol’s UltraVision subject, the DS2000 throne be spread with deeper respect able to 56 Mpts. UltraVision combines that homage reconditeness and real-time wave cassette and assay with an eight-inch WVGA show, qualified of 256 levels of strength rating to modify decomposable signals. Increased options representing advance triggering modes and sequential decryption are as well at.

Representing statesman data, look in on Rigol Technologies.

Sources: Bear on materials established from the companionship and further report gleaned from the companions’s site.

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