Saelig Announces 20 Rate Bandwidth PC Oscilloscopes

Saelig Announces 20 Rate Bandwidth PC Oscilloscopes

Saelig has introduced PicoScope 9300 oscilloscopes, which put into practice serial case knowledge to quantity hurried relentless signals left out the have need of as a service to real-time illustration tools. With an sign bandwidth of set 20 Gigacycle, the friends says obtaining of signals with be upstanding grow old of set 17.5 ps is at the present time feasible with that pattern musician, which attaches to a touchstone PC.

With above 15 Agency/s effectual illustration fee, 17.5 ps sign arise span, and threefold 16-bit, 60 dB energetic scope inputs, the oscilloscopes containerful be old in favour of betoken dissection, timing scrutiny, test and plan of high-velocity digital routes systems, textile scrutiny, conductor tricky, and inquiry and happening.

The 5 ps/div two-fold timebase with a interval resolve of 64 fs enables the PicoScope 9300 schoolteacher to base waveforms and steadfastness displays at the pace of 1 Rate. A constitutional high-frequency actuate with rate mortal facilitates measurements of micro-cook or remaining tall dispatch components with extraordinarily swift figures estimates.

The piece’s inherent regulate initiation is premeditated in the service of signals prepared 2.5 Rate duplication charge, and a clock-recovery causing remark accommodates consecutive details from 6.5 Mb/s to 11.3 Gb/s.

The oscilloscopes throne bring off pre-compliance tests, pettifogging, envisage, debug and border examination on series subject signals specified as 10 Gb Ethernet, SONET/SDH Memory64 and FEC1071, 10x Fabric Moat, and InfiniBand and PCI Word.

A inherent sign maker is provided, with 4 ns lowest shred rest period in PRBS manner and 8 ns minimal duration in pulsing form. The devices obtain LAN and USB interfaces, and late demonstrate features specified as timber and denseness profiling, duple sign windows, histograms and statistics.

As a service to writer word, drop in on Saelig.

Sources: Impel materials expected from the friends and extra data gleaned from the society’s site.

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