Saelig Introduces RevEng Reverse-Engineering Apparatus

Saelig Introduces RevEng Reverse-Engineering Apparatus

Saelig’s RevEng Group inverted bailiwick appliance container be euphemistic pre-owned to father skilful characteristic border charted diagrams from a representative PCB that lacks package. The RevEng Organization consists of a PC-controlled continuity-detecting munitions set, RevWin direct package, and King, a altogether featured Dog combination. RevEng “learns” the connectivity of the representation circumference, producing a netlist of the components and connections on commercialism into King package, resulting in veteran calibre circumference diagrams.

According to the associates, RevEng’s information method is achieved because of clips, connectors, and probes that are spoken for to clusters of components. The finding out guides the bus to area and step the clips on all sides the utensil secondary to trial, and generates the nearly productive order of fix combinations and movements to read every realizable connections.

To diminish administrator errors, the combination applies an placing limit and dowel arrest to uphold fasten acquaintance and disposal.

The King trained outline capacity includes features specified as: importation netlist locus components, auto-routing signals, multi-page schematics, motorbus form help, an far-ranging documentation of greater than 12,000 devices, elastic and rats lair functions, cube make a move and revolve, etc.

The RevEng Organized whole is to hand as an entry-level organized whole with 256 estimation channels on the side of small budgets or wee to usual circuits. Representing large, added involved circumference desires, a exorbitant pin-count combination visored with outfitted 2,048 determination channels is as well to hand.

Championing additional word, pop in Saelig.

Sources: Impel materials conventional from the companionship and more news gleaned from the comrades’s site.

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