ScaleMP Announces Partnership with Beantown Ltd

ScaleMP Announces Partnership with Beantown Ltd

Register MP, a bringer of virtualization solutions, proclaimed a partnership with Beantown Reduced, a constructor of outrageous discharge, low-power maоtre d’, store and agglomerate solutions.

According to a friends account, the Beantown xScaler-vSMP commodities buoy purvey set 8.5 TB Jam. That is the key retention mark in support of an AMD Opteron calculation figuring out.

“We are profoundly stimulated to be masterful to sell a truly outrageous honour contrivance at a inadequate tariff. We be versed thither are diverse customers who ask for a integer of terabytes of recall in an inexpensive parcel. Close to partnering with ScaleMP, we are competent to come back to our consumer requests,” acknowledged King Cognition, chairman of HPC at Beantown Ltd.

Representing solon report, call in ScaleMP and Beantown Ltd.

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