Scanning Cut Laser Board Profiler Features USB2 Port

Scanning Cut Laser Board Profiler Features USB2 Port

Ophir Photonics declared NanoScan 2, the brand-new style of its scanning split girder profiler. A NIST-calibrated laser trestle profiler, NanoScan 2 measures unceasing sea (CW) and pulsed beams transversely the full wraithlike compass, from UV to far-away oftenness. The organized whole features a different USB2 port that provides 12-bit conversion of the betoken in support of enhanced lively reach equipped 35 dB index. An enhanced digital accountant improves the truthfulness and sturdiness of measurements; bar range and board pointing commode second be dignified with a 3 sigma correctness of a handful centred nanometers.

The profiler furthermore features package governable read over despatch and a “peak-connect” formula that acknowledge appraisal of pulsed and drumming compass softened lasers with frequencies of a not many kilocycle and higher with whatsoever sensor. The knack to adapt the study quickness helps dilate the powerful compass, allowing a in good health operational place in behalf of whatever specified scanhead, the companionship says.

The NanoScan 2 scheme uses effective slits to dimension board sizes from microns to centimeters at plank powers from microwatts to kilowatts, outdoors fading. Device options (semiconductor, ge, and pyroelectrical technologies) concede determination at wavelengths from uv to distance off frequence. It dismiss simultaneously magnitude doubled beams and offers an voluntary state time in support of scanheads with element and element detectors.

The solving too features an M2 Conjurer championing determinative the times-diffraction circulation element (M2) of a laser through the Physicist Method. A 200 mW quality measure alternative throne be label against the 1’s ISO- or Office observable state m, besides.

Representing additional report, call in Ophir Photonics.

Sources: Subject to materials expected from the companions and further message gleaned from the associates’s site.

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