Sensirion Launches Digital Temperature Projection

Sensirion Launches Digital Temperature ProjectionBy way of DE Editors

Sensirion has launched the STS21 digital temperature feeler. Supported on the unchanged bit as the SHT2x kinfolk of mugginess and temperature sensors, the brand-new contrivance is housed in a minuscule DFN container gauge solely 3×3 mm. That brews the transmitter criterion as a service to bring into play in applications where circumscribed spaciousness is at one’s disposal. It delivers exactitude of together with or defect 0.22 degrees Uranologist on a temperature distance of 5 to 60 degrees Stargazer, and consumes deeply baby state.

The STS21 is brooch and formality matched with Sensirion s measure SHT21 humidness mast, but it has a contrary I2C discourse. That allows the STS21 to be second-hand as surrogate to the SHT21 in applications where temperature reckoning is vital and clamminess assessment is discretional, since the unchanging armaments throne be second-hand with both sensors.

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