Si Designs Introduces Unusual MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Modules

Si Designs Introduces Unusual MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer ModulesBy way of DE Editors

Semiconductor Designs declared the entry of a ±5 g MEMs Capacitive Accelerometer Section to its 2011 2210 program.

Premeditated to uphold a number of mark down frequence aerospace, moving, denial, forcefulness, unskilled, and prevailing study and gauging requirements, the low-noise, single-axis dummy 2210-005 accelerometer unit incorporates high-quality MEMS capacitive wisdom elements. Sagacity elements are tie together inside a closely-knit, frivolous anodized epoxy plastered metal dwelling, occupying a total number footmark of lone cubed in. The accelerometers quality a understandable four-wire uniting and inner control supervisory body to lessen contribute energy changing personalty. The units quality high-drive, low-impedance buffering to stand by low-frequency hurrying estimation requirements from 0 (DC) to 400 Hz.

The ability produces deuce similarity current outputs which alter with quickening. Clients keep the election of employing either single-ended or computation efficiency, which doubles the concern upwards single-ended achievement to 800 mV/g. The susceptive axle is at to the seat of the box, with absolute hurrying delimited as a violence just about on the rear end of the combination. The indicate outputs are absolutely calculation roughly a run-of-the-mill system power of approaching 2.5 volts. The achievement range aspect is unrestrained from the provide control of +9 to +32 volts. At cypher quickening, the production reckoning current is nominally 0 volts DC; at ±full ranking speeding, the achievement calculation electricity is ±4 volts DC.

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Sources: Exert pressure materials established from the companions and further data gleaned from the attendance’s site.

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