Sundance Launches SMT166 Dual-FPGA Condition Principles

Sundance Launches SMT166 Dual-FPGA Condition PrinciplesClose to DE Editors

Sundance Multiprocessor Discipline has launched the SMT166 dual-FPGA rostrum in favour of RD stage to pattern outputs supported on the FlexTiles 3D SoC. “The involvedness of the FP7 FlexTiles plan demands a potent and multi-purpose circumstance device at its stomach,” aforementioned Philippe Painter, Astronomer Inquiry and Engineering’s elevated bringing off investigating chairlady responsible the FP7 FlexTiles enterprise. “We are contented to own secured Sundance Microprocessor Profession’s skill on the FlexTiles activity, and in the Sundance SMT166 FPGA gaming-table we receive a growth mechanism that longing empower us to prod the scheme head with self-assurance.” The SMT166, which containerful be unsegregated into a guide 19 progress frame, is organized almost cardinal Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs. Apiece FPGA is responsible routing matter to and from divided the Sundance Close by Conductor (SLB) connections on the table. In summation, matching and program connections are ready representing inter-FPGA field. Apiece FPGA on the SMT166 is joined with figure phytologist of DDR3 honour and and supports an alike place of unnecessary interfaces, including Spear Ethernet, two-fold SATA 3.1, single lane PCIe Guy, quaternion lane PCIe Strand and RS232. A unwed USB 2.0 programme facilitates FPGA propaganda all along occurrence phases. “The FP7 FlexTiles proposal purpose actually use the capabilities of our SMT166 FPGA as a event appliance,” supposed Flemming Christensen, director at Sundance. “In spite of that, as a tough FPGA surroundings that efficaciously integrates deuce selfsame FPGA boards into joined, it is and theoretically well-matched to a far-reaching mix of opposite applications much as large-scale embedded systems and high-performance reconfigurable computation, particularly those intentional with fault-tolerance in intelligence.”

In favour of many data, look in on Sundance Multiprocessor Discipline.

Sources: Bear on materials acknowledged from the comrades and further report gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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