Supermicro Releases Latest HPC Dais

Supermicro Releases Latest HPC DaisPast DE Editors

Wonderful Micro Pc Opposition. has on the loose the 16-core AMD Opteron 6200 Periodical cpu (in days gone by code-named “Interlagos”) a fresh entr‚e in high-performance computation (HPC). Supermicro’s A+ SuperBlade solutions property space AMD Opteron 6200 Broadcast processor-based bayonet and its TwinBlade with 20 DP nodes per 7U SuperBlade cote. Both SuperBlades hand out 3,840 cores per 42U SuperRack and stock up unite velocity with onboard Mellanox InfiniBand or unforced 10GbE networking subject.

In behalf of statistics area, daring and corrupt applications, Supermicro is displaying diversified systems providing enhanced completion, pliability and nation adeptness. The 2U A+ Wine waiter supports multiple AMD Opteron 6200 Succession processors on Supermicro’s expansive UIO motherboard with 24 DIMM (operational 256GB of recollection), GPU uphold and a 920W Pt Even (94%+) high-efficiency powerfulness present.

The 4-node, 2UTwin supports figure 16-core AMD Opteron processors per thickening with onboard Mellanox InfiniBand and 1620W unneeded Pt Plain (94 pct+) high-efficiency noesis supplies. The 1U scheme supports a individual 16-core laptop, PCI-E 2.0 expandability, 4 hot-swap SATA HDDs and a high-efficiency index deliver.

Supermicro’s A+ HPC exhibits as well comprise the 4U/Fleche maоtre d’ bearing double AMD Opteron 6200 Programme processors and capable triad GPUs. That structure wish show AMD FirePro artwork. The 4U/Campanile form packs quadruplet 16-core AMD processors into a group with superfluous 1400W Aureate Flat (93 percentage+) high-efficiency nation supplies.

In support of added advice, drop in on Marvellous Micro Machine Opposition.

Sources: Impel materials normal from the fellowship and added message gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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