TEGAM 1740 Milliohm Obstruction Measure

TEGAM 1740 Milliohm Obstruction MeasureNext to DE Editors

TEGAM has on the loose the TEGAM 1740 Milliohm Refusal Beat. In Swift Course, the 1740 commode assemble 100 readings per later with an correctness of 0.05%. According to the companionship, the set of exactness and extraordinary determination rapidity allows end users to upgrade throughput with higher yields in resistance, rope, flow, semiconductor, worker and contact-resistance test applications.

The 1740 uses TEGAM’s microohm gaging subject. Patented circuitry rejects caloric and slash clash, as compensating in behalf of energy and electromagnetic gauging errors caused past connection halfway contrivance handlers and the instrument beneath exam. In slow manner, the 1740 containerful framework to 27 measurements/next at an exactness of 0.02%. The 1740 provides final users with decade unalike ranges from 20 milliohm to 20 megohm jam-packed gradation. On the 20 milliohm radius, the decidedness is 1 micro-ohm.

On the brass, technicians buoy fast configure the contraption via the frontage venire. Distinctly labelled multifunction keys cater beginning board steer of distance pick, representation modes, delays, triggers and estimation Clutch. Representing computer-controlled trial applications, the 1740/GPIB buoy be programmed via and observations calm from the contrivance’s GPIB, RS-232, or RS-422 interfaces. Programs operation the unchanged brainwashing demand plant and fa‚Ä°ade gore indicators in the face of which port they bring into play.

In favour of extra advice, go TEGAM.

Sources: Subject to materials time-honored from the assemblage and affixed report gleaned from the associates’s site.

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