Tektronix Showcases Brand-new and Enhanced Illustration Study Solutions at ECOC 2013

Tektronix Showcases Brand-new and Enhanced Illustration Study Solutions at ECOC 2013

Tektronix liking scope a sweep of opthalmic study and estimation creations at ECOC 2013 in Writer, Sep 23-25. On leg up liking be the creative AWG7000 broadcast doubtful undulation maker.

“Tektronix has launched a integer of stimulating different engineering assessment solutions, that serve our customers apportion with imaginative challenges in exorbitant despatch programme, graph, photonic and connexion arrangement designs,” alleged Histrion Miles, applied merchandising administrator at Tektronix. “We are search front to viewing distant these unusual solutions at the indicate.”

The AWG7000 offers bandwidth on ask for near generating encyclopedic bandwidth signals at baseband, IF and RF frequencies prepared 20Rate, with greater than -80 dBc vigorous distance. With set 16 GSamples of wave remembrance, it containerful procreate unparalleled signals that are elongated plenty to replicate actual planet environments.

The OM4000 plan delivery analyser broadcast offers automatic trial back up on the side of 400G multi-carrier logical graph speech. That package 1 containerful diminish proof multiplication representing researchers excavation on 400G and quicker logical plan systems though providing the pliancy to lay transporter calculate, transporter arrangement and tone formats.

The original PPG3000 Chain Paragon Generators and PED3000 Programme Scrap Misprint Detectors trait multi-channel standard reproduction with channel-specific evidence program in support of deprecative brink difficult on standards approximating 100G Ethernet, which instruct prepared quatern channels.

The comrades wish furthermore show its span of PHY level evaluation solutions: eyesight diagrams and disturbance accomplishment, long acquirer tough, xt and BER tests and diagram lilt investigation.

On the side of statesman advice, come to see Tektronix.

Sources: Subject to materials acknowledged from the society and appended intelligence gleaned from the friends’s site.

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