Unique LINBus Connexion Playing-card on ADwin-Pro-II Systems

Unique LINBus Connexion Playing-card on ADwin-Pro-II SystemsVia DE Editors

ADwin has proclaimed the novel Pro-II-LIN-2 anniversary card is at this very moment at one’s disposal as a service to ADwin-Pro-II systems. It provides nearby Architect field capabilities that container be euphemistic pre-owned to assay contrastive types of sensors, switches and new mechatronic devices in dispersed self-propelled applications. The carte de visite, which is adaptable with the Sculptor 2.1 port benchmark, has digit distinct message Sculptor series discipline ports that stool be apart organized as a director or lackey with transmit quotas prepared 19,200 kb/instant and criterion or enhanced checksum check.

Apiece harbour features 64 information boxes, apiece with a programmable identifier lintel, which throne be cast-off to broadcast or inherit figures packets able to 8 bytes. Contingent the visiting-card design, director or bondslave, the seemly coach end is mechanically designated. The entire quaternary bring in operation modes are at one’s disposal, including lord move, commander obtain, slave-girl be given and serf publicize. A repository of functions is ready to determine, configure, study evidence and correspond with messages. Additionally, the visiting-card provides timing symptomatic facts including the complete dispatch move space and the latency from solicit to the ticket of figures. The Pro-II-LIN-2 carte de visite is equitable only of over and above 80 contrary board game at one’s disposal representing the ADwin-Pro-II real-time statistics procurement and direct set.

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Sources: Bear on materials acknowledged from the assemblage and appended intelligence gleaned from the assemblage’s site.

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