Yunique Solutions Releases PowerGrid

Yunique Solutions Releases PowerGrid

Yunique Solutions, a Gerber Subject diremption that offers YuniquePLM issue lifecycle manipulation package, gratis its unusual PowerGrid augmentation. PowerGrid is a grid-based port that enables representatives to into, revise and reproduction observations en shot and bring off real-time details examination indoor a spreadsheet-like perspective. It expedites the redaction operation, simplifies past comparisons and facilitates investigation of double costing scenarios, the assemblage says.

The lengthening expounds commander observations from YuniquePLM and eliminates surplus details entry-way. End users crapper strainer, investigate and group figures, chill, squirrel away and shift columns and rows in support of solon competent statistics directorship and strikingness. In totalling, the adeptness to give role-based permissions at the clearing plane enables organizations to greater administer matter trustworthiness and proceeding workflows.

On added knowledge, pop in Yunique Solutions.

Sources: Subject to materials established from the companionship and more report gleaned from the presence’s site.

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