Mentor Graphics Announces Don Miller Award Winners

Mentor Graphics Announces Don Miller Award Winners

Mentor Graphics, a provider of electronic software design solutions, has recognized the winners of its first Don Miller Award for Excellence in System-Level Thermo-Fluid Design. The company established the award to recognize applications of Flowmaster software in research and real-world applications.

This year’s winners were Andrea Tradii, Stefano Rossin and Reccardo De Paolis of GE Oil & Gas. Their work, “Experimental Validation of Steam Turbine Control Oil Actuation Systems Transient Behavior,” was presented at the 2014 International CAE Conference. According to a company press release, it demonstrates the value of simulating the multiphysics of the fluid-mechanical interactions of a steam turbine trip valve with Flowmaster.

The runners-up were from Flow Design Bureau AS and Florence University. At Flow Design, a team investigated the use of 1D and 3D CFD (computational fluid dynamics) as complementary simulation methods and optimized piping systems. Florence University was recognized for its work on understanding interactions between fluid, mechanical control and control logic of a steam turbine control valve.

“I am deeply honored to have an award in my name, and to see the tremendous body of work executed by these outstanding engineers,” stated Don Miller, former research director for BHR Group. “I had no idea the capabilities Flowmaster would provide users with when I sought venture capital funding 35 years ago. The prize-winning entry clearly demonstrates that from a core of validated data, not only can the thermal/fluid flow performance of complete systems be simulated, but also the functioning of complex individual components that carry out vital control and safety functions.”

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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