Thinkbox Opens Beta for Deadline 8

Thinkbox Opens Beta for Deadline 8

Thinkbox Software has opened its beta trial for Deadline 8. This version of high-volume data management solution is introducing on-demand metered licensing on both local and cloud-based farms. It will work with existing permanent and temporary licenses. Usage will be traced per minute and can be extended at any time.

Deadline 8, according to the company, also adds a Proxy Server application that lets users connect to and interact with remote office and cloud-based render farms over public Internet.

Deadline is currently in release, which adds Quick Draft options for file conversions, integration with NIM pipeline management and enhanced support for SideFX Houdini.

Additionally, version 7.2 has GPU (graphics processing unit) affinity setting for Slaves via application plugins, automated task error handling and Draft 1.4.

Interested persons can contact beta@thinkboxsoftware.comĀ for the Deadline 8 trial.

For more information, visit Thinkbox.

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