Thinkbox Software Releases Sequoia

Thinkbox Software Releases Sequoia

Thinkbox Software has released Sequoia, its standalone point mesher. The software converts point cloud data from laser scanners, photogrammetry and other sources.

Sequoia runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and uses out-of-core asynchronous parallel processing to handle large data sets that exceed system memory on tablets, laptops and graphics workstations. It is natively integrated through Thinkbox’s Deadline compute management solution.

“The reception to Sequoia since we started previewing the technology last year has been tremendous. Our beta testers have been using it in exciting ways we’ve never dreamed, which has pushed us to make Sequoia even better. We’re thrilled to now bring it to market and for architects, designers, engineers and beyond to discover this new faster way of working,” said Chris Bond, founder, Thinkbox Software.

For more information, visit Thinkbox Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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