ZWSoft, Autodesk Enter Lawsuit Settlement

ZWSoft, Autodesk Enter Lawsuit Settlement

ZWSoft and Autodesk have entered a settlement regarding lawsuits pending in the Hague and the U.S. District Court of California. In 2014, Autodesk had filed a suit alleging that the AutoCAD source code had been misappropriated and improperly used when developing ZWCAD+, the company states.

Subsequent investigation revealed that a ZWSoft employee, had in fact, improperly used AutoCAD intellectual property (IP) when developing ZWCAD+ and did not inform the company’s management team. Upon conclusion, ZWSoft has stopped selling ZWCAD+ in all markets.

End users of ZWCAD+ may contact ZWSoft for a replacement version of ZWCAD Classic.

“We respect every company’s IP very much, and we do not condone these behaviors at ZWSoft. We have stopped selling ZWCAD+ in all markets, and we retract all prior statements suggesting that Autodesk’s lawsuits lack merit and were brought for anti-competitive purposes. We sincerely apologize to Autodesk for the inconvenience that our actions have caused. We appreciate very much Autodesk’s professionalism and understanding during the investigation, as well as its encouragement of fair competition. We will enhance our internal management to prevent any intellectual property infringement in the future by instituting additional development safeguards,” said Truman Du, CEO at ZWSoft.

For more information, visit Virtual Desktop and Autodesk.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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