CIMdata Announces PLM Road Map Event

CIMdata Announces PLM Road Map Event

CIMdata has announced its PLM (product lifecycle management) Road Map event for the high tech and medical device communities. This year’s event will take place on May 24 in Santa Clara, CA. According to the company, these events bring together leading industry experts from CIMdata, key industry players and front-line implementation experts to explore end users’ progress, opportunities and road blocks.

The theme for the May event is “Innovation and Structure – Where Processes and Tools Collide.” Presentations at this event will explore these challenges and others including: impacts that often result in design delays and subpar product innovation when innovation must accelerate in this increasingly complex environment, and how PLM can and should play a key role in enabling innovation while enforcing process discipline and structure.

“2015 turned out to be a revitalization of innovation as business offerings were redefined based upon leveraging electronics and the Internet of Things. Increasingly, multidisciplinary perspectives are reshaping our understanding of what defines products. The challenge ahead is how to make increasingly complex offerings sustainable.”

For more information, visit CIMdata.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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