SABIC Releases Large Format Touch Sensor

SABIC Releases Large Format Touch Sensor

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, SABIC has introduced a transparent, conductive polycarbonate (PC) film that is a new class of display materials. It is suited for large formats with 2.5 and 3D formability. It can also be thermoformed into some of the complex shapes that are required for consumer electronics, automotive interiors and healthcare devices.

The film combines SANTE nanoparticle technology from Cima NanoTech over SABIC’s LEXAN film for sensitive touch screens.

SABIC’s transparent, conductive polycarbonate film – available in gauges from 800 micrometers to 125 micrometers – provides considerable weight savings, which can support thin wall designs as well as potentially reduce transportation costs, the company states. Another key advantage is formability: the use of ITO is challenging when considered for flexible touch screens due to its brittle nature. When flexed, ITO will crack, thus preventing the operation of the touchscreen.

“With the need for information to be constantly at our fingertips, the challenge becomes how to integrate touch screen functionality into spaces where design and aesthetics are also important – such as in an automotive interior or wearable technology – or where extremely large format touch screens are required, such as digital signage or electronic white boards. Other challenges include transparency and, of course, cost containment wherever possible,” Alan Tsai, director, Technology & Innovation for Display & Electronics, said.

For more information, visit SABIC.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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